2018 marks the tenth season of ArtPrize. Nine years have passed since this experiment was announced to the world. Nine years since visitors from across the globe, and right here in our community, first filled the streets of downtown Grand Rapids. Nine years since restaurants ran out of food.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably visited ArtPrize, and in your own way contributed to its success. You’ve seen some of the nearly 13,500 artist entries displayed around the city, cast a handful of the 3.2 million votes for your favorite works of art, and played a role in awarding $4.1 million in cash prizes.

You’ve brought your partner for a night out on the town, sent your child off on a class trip to experience the event, joined thousands of volunteers in sharing our city, and struck up conversations with artists - complete strangers even - about the art you’ve seen and the effect it’s had on you.

It's these experiences - your experiences - that breathe life into ArtPrize. And as we head into our tenth installment, it's your stories we can't wait to hear.